An IP address is an important unique number assigned to computers to enable networks to recognize computers on the system. Servers will also utilize this address to know which ones are making requests. New addresses are classified under IPv4. Older ones will be classified under IPv3. IPv5 and IPv6 are currently being worked on.

There are some IP addresses within IPv4 that will be private, these will be used by companies. This is also the case with It is employed by Belkin company to create broadband router connections. When a Belkin router is used it is possible to go to their homepage to verify that this is indeed the address used. is generally considered the single most useful IP address on the internet. It is not only limited to regular networks but is also an essential constituent in broadband routers.

Routers process data in a variety of ways. The address represents a repository of information. When a user searches for information using the Web, this address will connect to other nodes to approve the request and ultimately give access to the information that the user attempts to find. The components will utilize a Network Address Translator it will assimilate the information.

It may also be used as the homepage for a number of broadband routers, often the most popular types. Needless to say the router themselves are vital in establishing broadband connections. It is also customarily used in multiplayer games. Some computer networks will also use routers to create an operational network.
The settings in the IP address can be used to alter passwords and usernames. Simply go to the homepage and enter the default password which is usually admin in both fields for some routers and various combinations of blank and admin for others. Once this has been entered the user is now able to change the username and password. User accounts can also be managed at this point also. If a user is logged into a network it is possible to access communication settings if necessary. Modem and cable properties can be determined using the information presented.

It is possible to encounter some problems using the IP address. Some persons may forget their passwords which will necessitate the restarting of the system. Simply depress the reset button to achieve this fix. To address any other communication and network issues it is possible to use the My Network Panel. Go to My Network Panel, check properties on TCP/IP or LAN. The issue may be as the result of a firewall that will refuse access to the network. Firewalls are implemented to deter any hacking that may take place in any computer network. Once this interferes with the productive use of the network then the settings will have to be altered to improve the connection and network access.

Always learn as much as is possible about this IP address it will aid the prompt resolution of any issues that may occur within a network(s) or connection(s). Knowing the basics on troubleshooting will save the time required to get technical support. However some information about the IP address will still be privileged to technical support staff and network managers.